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AI.JSX exports both CJS and ESM files. When you import or require ai-jsx, you'll get the file that matches the module system you're using. If you have a problem with this, please let us know by either dropping us a line in Discord or by opening an issue on GitHub.

Known Issues

You may see errors in VS Code like:

import * as ai from 'ai-jsx';
Cannot find module 'ai-jsx' or its corresponding type declarations.ts(2307)

However, when you run tsc, you don't get an error.

When VS Code and tsc give contradictory results, it may mean that VS Code's magic for finding your tsconfig isn't working. This can happen if your tsconfig is in an unusual place or has an unusual name.

To resolve it, put a tsconfig.json somewhere that VS Code will find it – probably the root of your package. If you have a reason that you want your tsconfig.json to live elsewhere, you can make your newly-added tsconfig.json just a proxy to the real one:

"extends": "./path/to/my/real/tsconfig.json.json",
"include": ["**/my/files"]