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Contributions are welcome! This is a multidisciplinary project, so skillsets ranging from AI researcher to UI engineer are valuable.

Contribution ideas:

  • Build something and let us know what's easy/challenging/surprising.
  • Experiment with ways to embed AI directly in UIs and discover which best practices / patterns emerge.
  • Look at the batteries (e.g. NaturalLanguageRouter, UseTools) and rework them / build alternate versions.
  • Build better dev tools. The Ink app is pretty rough. Maybe we want a web app?
  • Build out other currently-unimplemented ideas from the aspirational README.

Example Demos

If you implement a new feature, it's best to add an example.

Follow these steps to make a new demo.

  1. Create a new file at packages/examples/src/my-demo-directory/index.tsx.

  2. Add an entry for your demo to packages/examples/package.json:

    "scripts": {
    "demo:your-demo": "tsx src/my-demo-directory/index.tsx",

  3. Add the your demo to that file. For example:

    import * as AI from 'ai-jsx';
    import { ChatCompletion, SystemMessage, UserMessage } from 'ai-jsx/core/completion';
    import { showInspector } from 'ai-jsx/core/inspector';

    function App() {
    return (
    <SystemMessage>You are an assistant who only uses one syllable words.</SystemMessage>
    <UserMessage>Why is the sky blue?</UserMessage>

    showInspector(<App />);
  4. Run the demo with:

    # Make sure you've run this at least once since cloning the repo,
    # or making any changes in packages/ai-jsx
    yarn build

    yarn workspace examples run demo:your-demo


To publish:

  1. During your PR:

    1. Make sure the version field in packages/ai-jsx/package.json has been incremented in accordance with semver.
    2. Update the changelog. In addition to adding a section describing the changes in the new version, be sure to update the heading for the previous version with a link to the commit for that version, for example:
    ## [0.9.2](https://github.com/fixie-ai/ai-jsx/commit/219aebeb5e062bf3470a239443626915e0503ad9)
  2. After your PR is merged:

    1. cd packages/ai-jsx
    2. npm publish

This will create a bunch of temp files in your current working directory. To remove them, run git clean -fd.